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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 23

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    boruto episode 23In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 23, Bonds come in all shapes! Watch and download all Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch New Boruto Episodes Here.

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    • I’m FUCKING normal

      OMG Sarada. So adorable..
      That syaringan combined with great chakra ctrl gonna be deadly.

    • Family bonding , sweet

    • 丫oN , ┼ΗΣ CR乇▲七ØЯ

      THIS EPISODE WAS CRAZY SAKURA VS SHIN ANIMATION WAS CRAZY !!! I made an episode review on YouTube (https://youtu.be/z_z6IPnqx1o
      ) and I want to build a community of people that love Boruto and have discussions and things like that , So if you would like to click on the video and give your input on the episode I would highly appreciate it…OR ANY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM to make my future vids better 😀 ..

    • Ahmet Mahmut Cerrah

      sarada is gonna be some deadly girl and where is tsunade now is she dead?

      • Jack Hanna

        Well Tsunade was what? late 50s early 60s? and that was 30ish years ago so shes either dead or really bloody old

        • Evil Midget

          She is just normal i guess…cuz she uses her chakra thing to control her appearance so she looks young but she could be dead…idk

    • Ergys Kamberi

      Suskae needs a son naruto has 2 kids

      • Maximus Grimhorn

        Sasuke does have two kids. In one of the episodes shin Uchiha says to capture Sasukes child and then tells him which one

    • Beerus Sama

      download boruto episode 23 here at hd


    • DyticNo

      A bit over kill now Sasuke?
      Legit burns the weapons with amaterasu
      Suuure you can disguise it as getting rid of the weapons Shin had but dang

    • Amina Shah

      Love Sakura and Sarada <33

    • Ash

      THE CHILLLS I GOT WHEN SHE ACTIVATED HER SHARINGAN. Dudeeeee she can be ridiculously powerful is she’s trained right – tactical , powerful and talented. That’s a deadly beautiful combination

    • Ash

      So technically Naruto revived the Uchiha Clan – he at least gave home to the Shin Uchiha’s – instead of Sasuke who got 1 kid – powerful but eh.