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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 20

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    boruto 20In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 20, The boy with the Sharingan! Watch and download all Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episodes English Subbed In HD Quality online. Watch New Boruto Episodes Here.

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    • 丫oN , ┼ΗΣ CR乇▲七ØЯ

      Hey guys I made an episode review on YouTube ( https://youtu.be/GjoiULYrwec
      ) and I want to build a community of people that love Boruto and have discussions and things like that , So if you would like to click on the video and give your input on the episode I would highly appreciate it Thanks for your time !!!

      • Nyimeate Obari

        Goodluck Yon. You have my support

    • Asuna13574

      My favourite episode so far.
      I can’t believe that Sasuke didn’t recognize his own daughter….

      • Kai

        Thats Sasuke for you ^^

    • Miss Random

      i wanna cry right now, this was in the manga i was not ready for this i love it~

    • nessim

      Yeah truly the next ep gonna be awesome i’m so excited

    • Montral Smith

      Shisui!!! Gotta be him!!!

      • Psy Destroyer

        That nigga died like 20 years ago

        • Montral Smith

          So you think!!!

    • Amir Crawford

      When is the new episode

    • Akarshan Trivedi

      The episode was best when naruto show off his own ability. Waiting for next episode to watch

    • Mohd “Soap” Afiq

      when episode 21 release?

      • fun for YOU

        Next Sunday

    • Ash

      I swear I love how much Naruto’s hasn’t much changed.
      When ChoCho was flinging over the fight between Naruto and Shin, I was wondering about the 13-year old Naruto’s reactions
      Probably something like this: *looks at her smiling, rubbing his hair with one hand, proceeds to rub his nose with his finger to ultimately get attacked by Shin (since it’s the perfect opportunity with his guard down)* but honestly the boasting to Sarada is quite reassuring. He’s the same old Naurto

    • Ash

      You can’t be real Sasuke………………………

    • Amina Shah

      Ohhh i cried when sarada awakened her sharingan at the thought of meeting her dad again.. Omg i cant stop crying